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Your Present Moment Revealed…

Saeeda’s Present Moment Reveal

She and I stood in front of each other near Davies Symphony Hall.  I was explaining to her my perspective regarding the meeting.  I went into detail about systemic oppression, targeting youth of color, and alternative solutions to solve a common problem. I repeated what I thought the members were saying and how the committee will impact our work. 

Then, she started to express her thoughts about the meeting and that is when I remembered the present moment challenge, “Who did I deeply listen to this week?” 

I witnessed myself be more present. I stopped trying to think about the next thing I wanted to say.  I stopped daydreaming about a future event.  I stopped. And I just listened to her. 


Then something amazing happened.  My body shifted from tension to pure relaxation. My shoulders dropped. My eyes stared into her eyes. I softened my face and smiled warmly. I turned my head ever so slightly so that my ear could pick up the frequency of her words not just the meaning.

The words she shared seemed to move into my body, an osmosis effect. I let her genuine thoughts be absorbed into my mental and physical membrane. I felt I could feel what she felt in the meeting, which allowed me to have even more understanding of my own experience in that room of 25 people. 

I learned that when I am deeply listening to another person in the present moment, my body will relax. I don’t rush to cut in with questions. I follow the journey and I am able to experience the person’s words on a visceral level.   I surrender to the speaker’s heart and perspective. My soul opens up.  

This has been my present moment reveal.  I hope this short blog has an osmosis effect on you.

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